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Business continuity

It is very likely that an organisation will, at some point, suffer a form of interruption that is outside of its control. Interruptions can range from a loss of key staff, negative publicity or supply chain disruption to an incident resulting in no access to your building. Business continuity is a lot more than having an IT recovery plan!

Many businesses fail not due to the disruption itself, but because of their failure to react in good time and to maintain critical business activities.

Regardless of your firm’s size, the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to any incident has never been more important. ASC can help you with any stage of the process including:

  • Defining your objectives and requirements
  • Reviewing current business continuity plans (BCP)
  • Business impact analysis
  • Risk assessments
  • Developing a continuity strategy
  • Documenting  your BCP and Incident Management Plan that follows accepted principles in BS25999-2
  • Exercising your business continuity arrangements including organising drill scenarios
  • Maintaining and reviewing your business continuity arrangements including helping you gain certification
  • Helping you embed business continuity in your firm’s culture from organisation of top management evaluations, staff training to ongoing information programmes

If your firm is deciding whether or not to get some help with the business continuity process, get in touch and let ASC give you a free initial consultation!

business continuity





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